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Holmatro industrial cutters är användarvänliga, minskar de fysiska kraven och är säkra att använda. Vår erfarenhet och teknisk expertis gör att vi kan erbjuda dig lämpliga lösningar för nästan alla klippapplikationer du kan tänka dig.

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Vehicle recycling
Thanks to their low weight and the special blade design, Holmatro’s mobile cutters are ideal for car recycling. The lightest cutter only weighs 9.4 kg, and the special U-shaped blades pull the material towards the strongest point of the cutter. Therefore, they are perfectly suitable for cutting catalytic converters, exhaust pipes, doors, A- and B-posts, drive shafts (hollow), engine mountings, steering columns, bumpers, bull bars and pressed steel wishbones.

Cable recycling / production
Cutting cables (ground, telephone, electro and steel) is a skill on its own. Generally, this type of cable consists of countless small wires and strands which, during cutting actions, often inadvertently get in between the cutter blades. Situations like this cause loss of capacity. Moreover, it has proven to be detrimental to the life span of cutting tools. Therefore, Holmatro has developed cutter blades with a special blade guide. This feature keeps the blades straight in relation to each other and prevents them from separating or becoming distorted.

Recycling of household appliances
For the recycling of household appliances, such as refrigerators and deep-freezers, Holmatro has developed a special cutter. Its straight blades have cutting teeth and the spreading function of the cutter makes it easy to remove the compressor quickly without changing tools. The blades also enable the material to be pushed aside, in order to create space to cut pipes and cables, again with the same instrument.

n demolition, you can come across a hundred and more materials that need to be removed from all sorts of buildings and constructions. Very suitable for demolition applications and for handling the most diverse materials are Holmatro’s cutters with short and standard blades. The standard blade is ideal for cutting bigger elements because of the U-shape, which pulls the material towards the strongest point of the cutter. The short blade is more suitable in those situations when less space is available, whereas a high cutting force is required.

Concrete construction
In order to be able to work with reinforcement steel, very strong equipment is essential. Holmatro electric and hydraulic cutters are up to it! The cutting of reinforcement steel and pre-stressing stands (or re-bars) is done based on hydraulics, which is quick, safe, accurate and quiet. These cutters are able to cut diameters up to 32 mm easily and safely. A mayor advantage compared to grinding is the absence of sparks and the low noise level.

Besides Industrial Cutting Tools, we also offer:

  • Industrial Tools; The extensive product range of Industrial Tools contains a large number of high-pressure hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical tools. Used in various industrial applications, such as shipbuilding, heavy transport, maintenance, petrochemical, offshore, construction & installation, mining and civil engineering.
  • Industrial Solutions; Results-oriented customised hydraulic solutions for loads that are difficult to move with standard tools. This includes challenges relating to lifting, pushing, pulling, lowering, weighing, tilting and horizontal movement. We work closely with users to achieve the correct solution.
  • Foundry Tools; Foundry wedges for the nodular cast iron industry to remove feeders and risers from castings quickly and safely without damaging the casting itself, and with much less physical effort. 

Essential to all Holmatro products is the control of immense power. You must be able to rely on that for every application under any circumstances. To ensure this, regular maintenance and periodic certification is essential; as well as the deliberate and safe use of your hydraulic equipment. Working safely is not only more effi cient but also contributes to the increased lifespan of the tools. Our tools are high quality and extremely durable, not least because of our extensive service program.